Stormy weather

Severe thunderstorms moving through southeast Florida with reports of a tornado touchdown in Oakland Park just now.

I noticed my casement windows slam shut with winds suddenly out of the north, then incredibly strong "gusts" lasting 30 seconds or more. I think we dodged a bullet as that might have been the edge of the tornado.

A house is on fire 10 blocks north of me due to downed electrical lines.

Bote's Mixer Board is cut back to just Fort Lauderdale fire. Bote's Wild Feed is still on Ft. Lauderdale police. All public safety agencies are going crazy right now.

My DSL still goes out for 2 minutes or so with strong lightning bolts and sometimes randomly, so if you hear the intermission music just hang in there until the feed comes back up. Or if you wait more than about 5 minutes just restart your stream and it should come back on your end.

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