I Survived the Great Tornado of 329

Local channel 10 WPLG news made it sound like Armageddon, going so far as to talk about buildings destroyed as their camera zoomed in on a length of white aluminum gutter lying on the ground. Oh. Boy. Circle the wagons, Martha!!!111!!1

Now that the shouting is over, the police command post monstrosity is no longer parked on NE 5 Terrace at 42 Street in Oakland Park, and the helicopter has gone home, and the water has receded, I have put the scanner feeds back to where they were yesterday.

Bote's Mixer Board scanning Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, and Deerfield Beach fire departments.

Bote's Wild Feed currently in Spring Break mode scanning Fort Lauderdale police districts 1, 2, and 3 (in other words, all of 'em). Nobody seems to care about listening to cops so I guess I'll put that back to Broward fire west channel. I think it's kind of neat to hear the same incident being handled on both the fire and police channels, but I must be in the minority.

If I can manage to get an antenna and feedline up high enough to hear Hollywood's digital system I might stream them instead of Broward, since there are a couple other Broward feeds.

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