Host Outage

19:38 - The web host for listen.trackstreamer.com is experiencing a major outage tonight. My feeds will come back online when they do. 

No E.T.R. yet.

UPDATE: OK, I think it's REALLY back on. Crappy Friday + weekend for the techs working this problem at the co-lo facility, though.


Broward County Goes P25

 You might have noticed that the old Broward County Project 16 analog trunked system has recently gotten very quiet. That's because they have switched over to their shiny new Project 25 digital trunked system.

Because it is new and we are hobbyists and not the radio shop, we don't know all the new talkgroups and need to map them out. This takes time and a coordinated effort by interested hobbyists who know their favorite areas well enough to infer what the new talkgroups are used for when it is not obvious.

As of right now only Bote's Mixer Board still hums along with Fort Lauderdale public safety stuff. Bote's Wild feed will go silent when Broward Fire Dispatch 1 switches over to the new P25 system. I hope to find the time to develop a suitable receive setup for the new P25 Phase 2 (TDMA) trunked system.

Stay tuned.