Key West feed kerflooey

UPDATE 2021.04.23 - Bote's Southernmost Feed has been restored to service thanks to the efforts of a loyal local listener. The screen was blank no matter what we did so a power cycle brought it back to life. Aint Windows 10 great??

The Southernmost Feed has gone off into space (again). And Windows 10 was supposed to be so solid and reliable. And today is Wednesday which typically follows Tuesday, which is the big Windows Update day, so...I thought I disabled all that automatic update stuff so that I could supervise it to prevent THIS EXACT PROBLEM.

As soon as a local contact person can make it over to the feed site to reboot it, the thing will be back online, but that likely won't happen until tomorrow. This is a hobby, after all.


Comcast Up and Down

UPDATE 2021.04.07:  Comcast has been stable for the better part of 24 hours so I'll declare things up and running again. Now the trouble is that I have a new public i.p. address, so I have to update that address in the other end of my point-to-point VPN links, which is not going well.


Comcrap has been up and down all morning (mostly down) so the Broward area feeds have followed suit. 

 I'm not declaring that things are back up until at least tomorrow. Comcast's app first said it would be repaired by 3PM, then when I checked an hour later it said by 4PM. Extending the promised repair time is their oldest trick in the book.

Just be patient. You be patient, sir, or you won't get anything.


New Marine Feed, Broward CAD Down

It looks like Broward fire is no longer transmitting their USDD Computer-Aided Dispatch calls over a talkgroup on the old Project 16 trunked system, so I abandoned that and lit up a new VHF marine feed on Broadcastify.

I'm looking for a host in a tall condo near the beach to host the thing for better coverage. For now it's about 3 miles from the ocean and can hear vessels calling Oakland Park and Sunrise bridge tenders, but not the bridges themselves since they transmit at very low power.