Broward Feeds Screwy

UPDATE: Thanks to Lu being proactive AT&T discovered a problem with a core router in their internal network that was affecting a number of customers. Like throwing a switch Monday afternoon packets started flowing "normally" again. Both Broward County feeds have resumed service until the next AT&T routing debacle.

Due to technical problems well beyond my control, any feed originating over my super-crappy AT&T DSL link at my house in Fort Lauderdale is basically useless. It's an uplink bandwidth or routing problem so the Icecast server gets starved of packets and keeps repeating the introductory announcement or gives you a few brief syllables of traffic then goes to the "feed down" music. I have shut down the feed computer to save some juice since it's not doing much useful anyway.

Sorry about that, chief, but unfortunately the best solution is weeks away under my current schedule. This is a hobby for me so I do the best I can, but work and other commitments take precedence. I never thought I'd say this, but Comcast will solve this and many other problems around here as soon as I can schedule an installation.


Key West feed power failure

UPDATE: Thanks to my good friend Lu, the Key West scanner feed is back online and running just in time for Hurricane Isaac to knock out power to the Keys and put it offline again. :-)

The Rinky Dinky Power Company that supplies Key West lost electricity in the wee hours yesterday morning just long enough for the battery in my U.P.S. to drain to useless. I'll see what I can do about getting somebody to flick the switch on the feed computer to get it running again.