Bote's Mixer Board back online

DOH! I killed all systems here as Fort Lauderdale was rocked mightily by a nasty thunderstorm the other day. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn on the streaming machine after things settled down.

Sorry about that, Chief!


Hurricane Fay action

Bote's Mixer Board
The focus remains on Fort Lauderdale public safety while Tropical Storm Fay approaches the southern tip of Florida.

I'm watching the RADAR image over the last couple hours and it sure looks like Fay is tilting towards us more than previously.

The current line-up includes Fort Lauderdale fire, police districts 1 and 3 (north side, south side, and beach side), Pompano Beach fire, BSO Oakland Park (district 12), Broward fire, and the Broward interoperability talkgroups.

If any other talkgroups of interest come alive I will open those up, as well.

My DSL connection is still flaky, no repair on that yet, so if you lose the feed just try back a short time later. It will be up and down throughout the storm.

Bote's Boca Box
No change, same programming as usual.

The worst should occur here through tomorrow morning, then rapidly clearing.

Happy monitoring!