Comcast Murders Broward Feeds

UPDATE: As of 11:05 Comcast is back up, but it keeps going out for a few minutes at a time. I guess they're disconnecting network nodes along the line back to their head-end. Expect brief outages the rest of the day.

Comcast promised their Xfinity cable internet service would go down for an extended period of time in order to allow them to "upgrade" their network to whatever 10G means this week. I guess today is the day because there's a truck with a ladder up to a utility pole and no bits are flying across my cable modem.

When it comes back, all the Broward feeds will come back:

Bote's Mixer Board

Bote's Wild Feed

Bote's F.E.C. Oakland Park feed

Bote's CSX/SFRTA Oakland Park feed

Good thing I'm building a system locally on my bench LAN today and that still works just peachy keen!


Key West Feed Kerflooey AGAIN

UPDATE: 2023.02.01 19:33 service restored, thanks to Remote Desktop (for a change).

Same ol, same ol. Windows Update -> Windows Explorer (Desktop in reality) crashed -> black screen

No E.T.R.

Hopefully, we can get somebody down there to reboot it, but that's not a guarantee.

I hope to replace that p.o.s. laptop with a more powerful machine, but will need time to make the preparations. Good luck with that.

If I could get VSThost to run on linux I'd get rid of Windows yesterday!


Railroad Feeds Funky

UPDATE: I rebuilt Windows and re-installed the latest versions of the software. It was needed anyway. There might still be a reboot or two upcoming as I tweak a few settings, but all Broward feeds are back online. I will also tweak audio levels as I try to balance everything again.

After FP&L blew up a transformer which took out our electricity for a couple hours, now SDRsharp is acting funky. I guess it's high time to upgrade to the latest, greatest release, but I don't know if that will fix this problem or not. It could be due to the latest Windows Update.