SMART Ride 8 Miami to Key West

S.M.A.R.T. Ride 8 completes the second half of its run from Miami to Key West today. Bicyclists should be arriving in Key West between noon and 14:00 or so.

I've trimmed back the Southernmost Feed to focus on public safety stuff, although there is no official police escort nor road closures. There might be EMS calls for riders in distress so listen for unusual radio traffic concerning this ride.


USCG digital channels added to Key West scanner feed

I finally got off my duff and added a block of about 45 digital channels used by the United States Coast Guard. I was reminded to do this by hearing activity on them over my mobile scanner yesterday during an emergency visit to Key West.

I don't know how often they're used, but it should provide an additional aspect on radio activity in Key West.

I just had to reboot the feed computer because RadioFeed had crashed, most likely because I was handling the computer yesterday doing some maintenance. If you just leave things alone they keep running along just fine.

So now I'm going to enjoy the morning with a Cuban American from Cuban Coffee Queen and sit back to listen to my feed.



FtL Marathon and SuperBoat Races

Busy Sunday today: Fort Lauderdale is hosting a 13.1 KM half-marathon that begins at 06:13 from in front of the Arts Institute down on SE 17th Street Causeway. Police operations are on Special Event 1 / 4A which is talkgroup 29968 decimal. I'll probably set up my Mobile Feed to stream the special event talkgroup for your listening humor.

Meanwhile, down in Key West will be the final race day for the cigarette boats participating in the SuperBoat races. Let's hope nobody dies today. I'll adjust my Southernmost Feed to weed out the other traffic and focus on Key West.



Server move

UPDATE: 12:03 - it must have returned to service while I was on the road because everything is online now. It turns out that one of the hard drives had failed and the other in the RAID array was not rebuilding properly, so they moved us to their ESXi platform which is newer and better anyway.

The SuperBoat races have resumed and I have opened up group 3 in the Marine bank since that contains channel 78 which is the race coordination channel. Enjoy.

14:50 - a boat wrecked and capsized at speed. 2 adult males were transported to Lower Keys Medical Center, one with c.p.r. in progress, the other is alert and talking.


Our collocation host have taken it upon themselves to move our server without prior notice. As a result, all my scanner streams will be down until that is complete. No estimated time to repair, just keep trying back every few hours I guess.


SuperBoat races in Key West

This week marks the 31st Annual Key West powerboat races. The complete schedule is available at that linked web site. Key West harbor is closed at certain times to accommodate the vessels involved in the races so you'll hear communications related to that.

Don't forget this is going on as the military is conducting its exercises just up the road at Boca Chica Naval Air Station. Never a dull moment down the Keys!


Exercise Vigilant Shield 12

Exercise Vigilant Shield 12 is underway at Boca Chica Naval Air Station, callsign NQX, this week. It involves Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard assets.

I have heard a small flurry of new talkgroups on the NQX trunked system, most likely related to this. I have the NQX and Monroe County trunked systems in search mode full time so that I can catch new talkgroups as they pop up, but I might activate the aircraft bank and lockout Key West airport stuff to see if we can snag any military comms. We'll see about that.

Read all about it in the Keys News.


Miami Dolphin's 2011 Cycling Challenge

Bicyclists will be hitting A1A and connecting roads this morning for a benefit ride that runs from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale. In fact, there are two separate rides with the one in Fort Lauderdale joining up with the West Palm group at Sunrise Blvd and A1A.

Strong winds are generating high surf so between the surfers and bicyclists A1A should see quite a bit of activity today.

Fort Lauderdale police are using channel 1C for their special detail operations so I'll stream that on my Mobile Feed as long as possible, although I can't guarantee I'll have any bandwidth this afternoon to maintain it.

Keep an ear on the Mixer Board for fire calls relating to the Dolphins ride.