Server move

UPDATE: 12:03 - it must have returned to service while I was on the road because everything is online now. It turns out that one of the hard drives had failed and the other in the RAID array was not rebuilding properly, so they moved us to their ESXi platform which is newer and better anyway.

The SuperBoat races have resumed and I have opened up group 3 in the Marine bank since that contains channel 78 which is the race coordination channel. Enjoy.

14:50 - a boat wrecked and capsized at speed. 2 adult males were transported to Lower Keys Medical Center, one with c.p.r. in progress, the other is alert and talking.


Our collocation host have taken it upon themselves to move our server without prior notice. As a result, all my scanner streams will be down until that is complete. No estimated time to repair, just keep trying back every few hours I guess.

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