Southernmost Key West feed

Here we go!

I'm going to give a Key West scanner feed a go. It might not last a month, it might last a long time. We shall see.

The permanent address for the Southernmost feed is

I will record an updated introduction when I get back home to identify the feed. For now, enjoy the silence when you first connect.

The Wild Feed is back to its regularly scheduled program, which will be...nothing. I have no spare scanner to run the Wild Feed now that I sold my extra scanners, so for now I will punt.



Key West test feed

I am testing a temporary feed at Key West, Florida this weekend. If all goes well, I might make it permanent depending on factors beyond my control.

For now it is scanning both police and fire for the city of Key West as well as Monroe County. Their audio levels vary all over the place and I have done all I can to make it sound listenable.

\If this feed becomes permanent it will move to a different mount point name on the Icecast server at which time I will announce it here. Stay tuned.


Bote's Wild Feed down

Bote's Wild Feed has been taken out of service. Watch this space for an announcement about this mount point, it might be coming back online in a different location.

Nobody listened to it anyway. Except for you. You know who you are.