Non-Hurricane Isaias Update

I took down the antenna for the F.E.C. Railway Oakland Park feed in anticipation of high winds from Hurricane Isaias, but that storm turned out to be a nothingburger for SoFLA. So the antenna is back up and you can once again hear all the exciting railroad action on both Florida East Coast and CSX/SFRTA/Tri-Rail on the same feed.

The right channel carries the road frequency while the left channel carries everything else. You will find it an effective combination.


Key West feed Windows Updates

UPDATE: All Windows Updates have been applied, weirdness corrected, now streaming normally (until the next update!)

Bote's Southernmost Feed is in the midst of a massive Windows Update and will return when they have been applied and rebooted about a billion times.



Please refresh your DNS or restart your player to pick up the new DNS entry pointing to listen.trackstreamer.com (which is the same as listen.botecomm.com now).

It might be a little bumpy the nexty day or two, but it should even out once I get everything settled down. I'm trying something that might not work.

UPDATE 1: 2020.05.15 11:35 EDT - Well, that didn't work. Still more configurururing to figure out. Computers, huh?

UPDATE 2: 2020.05.16 10:17 - So far, so good. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.


Feed Update Summary

FEC Boca/Villa Rica feed DOWN, no E.T.R.; needs a new hard drive and maybe an entirely new approach.

FEC Oakland Park is up, but with the crappy antenna system doesn't hear very well. I can hear more sitting in my car out front. One of these years I gotta order proper connectors and mounts to get it hearing better.

Mixer Board (Ft Lauderdale), Wild Feed (east Broward), and Southernmost Feed (Key West) public safety feeds all up.


I hope to develop a simple feed client setup that can be plopped down anywhere. I prefer to do it with linux since that is free (as in beer), but I do have pretty much the perfect setup figured out with Windows 10. The problem with Windows is licensing, which is not free (as in beer).

I had grandiose plans to put feeds along the CSX A-Line, but for now I'll stick to FEC, especially as they expand passenger service north to Cocoa and Orlando. Motivation is low since nobody really listens to my FEC Oakland Park feed. I guess it's because they can't take photos of trains through the feed; that's all that matters to "railfans" these days.


KYW Feed Black Screen

UPDATE 2020.01.06 - The Key West feed has been restored to normal operation.

The Key West feed has a black/blank screen and won't do anything useful. It's alive, though. Hopefully all it needs is a reboot which should be taken care of in the next couple of days.

My money is on another unrequested Windows Update restart going haywire. We shall see.


Windows 10 Updates Killed KYW Feed

The Key West feed got munged by Micro$oft Windows 10 updates doing whatever the hell they wanted despite the setting to allow ME to choose when to apply them.

If I could run this stuff under linux I would, but we're stuck with the vagaries of Windows for the time being. As soon as the updates finish applying service should be restored.

Hell of a way to run an operating system!


Key West Feed UnGlitched

I have replaced the Key West "Southernmost Feed" with a newer computer that is a little more capable and updated the audio processor on it. But there's only so much one can do with narrowband P25 audio.

Hopefully it will stay up for more than a few days this time.


Power Glitches

The batteries in the U.P.S. (uninterruptible power supply) have gone bad and the frequent power glitches in Key West have left some of the equipment in an odd state. So until that is rectified the Key West feed is down.

This is a big enough deal that I don't see it getting repaired before some time next week.


Fiber Optic Cut

The data carrier that provides upstream service to the server's I.S.P. has suffered a fiber optic cable cut that is affecting a broad swath of customers. This is why all the feeds are intermittently playing the "no uplink" music as bandwidth is congested on their backup link.

This is a major outage that will take some time to repair so we just have to live with it until it is back to normal.


Key West Feed Restored

Thanks to some timely help, Bote's Southernmost Feed is back up!

I guess it's time to replace the feed computer, but at least the immediate pressure to get it back online has been relieved. I will post updates here as needed.

Thanks to all who helped this time.