Feed Update Summary

FEC Boca/Villa Rica feed DOWN, no E.T.R.; needs a new hard drive and maybe an entirely new approach.

FEC Oakland Park is up, but with the crappy antenna system doesn't hear very well. I can hear more sitting in my car out front. One of these years I gotta order proper connectors and mounts to get it hearing better.

Mixer Board (Ft Lauderdale), Wild Feed (east Broward), and Southernmost Feed (Key West) public safety feeds all up.


I hope to develop a simple feed client setup that can be plopped down anywhere. I prefer to do it with linux since that is free (as in beer), but I do have pretty much the perfect setup figured out with Windows 10. The problem with Windows is licensing, which is not free (as in beer).

I had grandiose plans to put feeds along the CSX A-Line, but for now I'll stick to FEC, especially as they expand passenger service north to Cocoa and Orlando. Motivation is low since nobody really listens to my FEC Oakland Park feed. I guess it's because they can't take photos of trains through the feed; that's all that matters to "railfans" these days.