Railfan Scanner Is Here

 Uniden has finally released the BCD260DN scanner that receives analog FM as well as NXDN and DMR (MotoTRBO) digital modes. It does not follow trunking systems, they want the big bucks for the SDS200 to do that.

The AAR (American Association of Railroads) has settled on NXDN as the digital mode of choice for U.S. railroads going to narrowband. F.E.C. has made a couple attempts, but is still in good old analog FM. If and when they ever switch this scanner should be ready for them and all the others.
Plus, a recent road trip revealed that many public safety agencies in smaller jurisdictions have switched to MotoTRBO or NDXN, so this would be good for someone, say, in south Georgia or along the panhandle of Floriduhhh. 
I don't own one, in fact nobody does yet because they're still in pre-sale at the time of this writing in late February 2024, but they're supposed to start shipping some time in March.
I get a cut from Amazon if you buy it from them, as you would expect.
Uniden BCD260DN scanner