Moved to Listen.TrackStreamer.com

All feeds have been migrated to listen.trackstreamer.com for those listening on WinAmp or other media player. The port number and mount points remain the same, only the domain name changed.

I updated the HTML5 players on my personal web page describing the streams in detail, so they work once again.

I have no idea if or when TuneIn radio will bother themselves to update my streams on their platform with the new information that I sent them. If past experience is any guide, don't hold your breath.


Comcast Flaky In Key West

For about the past 2 weeks the Comcast Internet connection serving the Key West feed has been spotty. For all I know this might be related to the Level 3 BGP routing cockup the other day, or it could just be the last mile link to the cable modem.

A ticket will be opened, but knowing how these things usually work I'm not holding out much hope.

Fortunately, help is on the way!


Moving to Listen.Trackstreamer.com

I'm pointing my feeds to a different feed server at

This means that any sites that glom off my colostreaming.com feeds will go silent after the cutover. This includes TuneIn Radio, which could never seem to get my feed detail listings correct.

You can either plug the new links into your WinAmp player or if you don't care about the channel tags or features of a real player you can listen to the HTML5 players on my personal web site (see the pane to the right under Listen).

The "Web Players and Details" page on my site has HTML5 players embedded in it that kind of work, plus detailed info on each feed that doesn't change often.

I'll post here when the cutover happens.