Key West feed down

UPDATE: 18:43 - thanks to a very dexterous friend the Key West feed is back up! It requires one hand to hold the laptop, another hand to open the lid, and a third hand to slide back in the confined space to flip the power slider to boot it up. All better now!

A storm has knocked out power to Key West and the UPS battery has been exhausted. So the Key West feed is 10-7 until I can arrange to turn it back on. No estimated time to repair, I'll post here when it's back up, or you can try hitting to see if you get speech or music.


Strong winds blow down power lines

Florida Plunder & Loot is busier than a one-eyed cat at a fish fry with these winds blowing down power lines left and right. Some of these strands arc on the grass or in trees and palm fronds causing brush fires, so Broward County and Fort Lauderdale fire have been busy, as well. The scanner is a-hoppin!

These winds are the southernmost tail of Tropical Storm Debby, who did not do Dallas this time. We got some needed rain the past few days, but today it's all wind. It's the folks upstate and in southern Georgia who are being deluged with rain. I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse seeing how that area suffered from a pretty bad drought the last couple years. They probably didn't need it dumped on them all at once, though.


Service interruptions

The co-location host claims that they have been doing some upgrades to the machine hosting my streams. That is the reason for the numerous outages today, in addition to effects from one of their peer ISP going out completely for a couple hours this morning.

The weird part is that today they said they were converting my server over to the same ESXi virtual platform to which they said they moved me back in November. Verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting, but stoooopid.

Hopefully, things will stabilize soon. If not, just check back every hour or so to see if the stream is back online.