Schooner Wharf Wrecker's Cup race

Schooner Wharf bar sponsors a regatta in several parts each year named the "Wrecker's Cup". One instance is being held today starting at 13:00 with operations on marine channel 68.


Alternate listen links

I have added alternate links to listen to my feeds in the sidebar to make it easier for you. Everybody's computer is configured differently so there is no way for me to know what will work on any one computer. For example, on my computer the standard links that end with .m3u do nothing so I originally posted the clean links without that extension.

Now you have a selection. If you click on Bote's Mixer Board (FLL) and it doesn't start your player, then click the one below it with the m3u and see if that works. Most likely it will. It all depends on how your computer is configured and what your favorite player does with it, that's out of my control.