Winterfest Boat Parade

Tonight is the Winterfest Boat Parade down the New River and up the Intracoastal Waterway. It is usually a hoot for those not involved because it is barely controlled chaos.

Essentially, boat owners decorate their vessels with all kinds of holiday lights and doodads similar to what one might find on a street parade float. The larger (ritzier) vessels often have dozens or hundreds of folks on board partying and dancing to the loud music emanating from their vessels.

A couple years ago a hapless veteran ham radio operator served as net control on the marine channel for the boat parade and sounded hopelessly outmatched by the clever boat pilots zipping about the parade route. You are welcome to tune in to the festivities on the feed for as long as you can stand it. It's only 15:30 Saturday and I'm already over it!


Railroad Only For FECRS Convention

From today through the end of the F.E.C.R.S. Convention in Fort Lauderdale the FTL feed will only stream FEC and CSX railroad channels used in south Florida.


Blog Created 20070909

This blog replaces my Yahoogroup named scanaudio_FLL which was created before blogs became popular.

Since a blog is better suited to my purpose, I am closing the old Yahoogroup and posting status updates here. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time, but I guess you could call me a late adopter.

Also, I recently acquired a client (VoiceInterop) engaged in public safety interoperability and RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol) and it's really interesting stuff and it actually works a lot better than I had thought. There's an outside chance that I might be employing our products to expand my little network of streaming audio sites, so stay tuned for those developments.

Channel Line-up

For now, the FTL stream still has the same ol same old:

  • FEC Railway: road, dispatch uplink, maintenance-of-way (rarely used)

  • CSX: road, dispatch, m-o-w (occasionally used)

  • marine channels: 9 (draw bridges), 12, 13, 14 (Port Everglades calling), 69, 71, 72 (fisherman chit-chat), 77 (Port Everglades internal operations), 85 (police interoperability).

  • WFTL Steven J. Gray traffic plane 455.925MHz

  • Wilton Manors LG & police talkaround 153.86 PL=3Z

  • Florida state-wide mutual aid 854.6375 MHz (after rebanding)

Broward County public safety trunked system INPUT frequencies (outside of school bus hours of operation) allow us to hear units nearby. This mostly stays locked except on nights and weekends, otherwise the school bus and public works traffic monopolizes the scanner's time. Because of the Balkanization of south Florida, Wilton Manors has the south side of Oakland Park Blvd a few blocks away, but they are on Fort Lauderdale's trunked system. BSO Oakland Park has the north side of the Boulevard and the surrounding neighborhoods, hence the usefulness of the input frequencies when it's not too busy on that system.

Every blue moon or so I open up my ham bank that has Lu's repeater on 444.025 in Margate w/IRLP link, 146.52, 52.525, 29.60 ham frequencies.

Because of the high noise floor from all the computerized devices around here I can not monitor certain marine channels. It seems that VHF hi band is where a lot of this garbage can be heard.

So that is my modest offering to those not fortunate enough to live in the Venice of Florida, or whatever they call this dump. At least it's warm when you northerners are shoveling snow. That's gotta count for something.