FTL back to rails

Now that FEC has decided to call signals (!!!) I am switching the Fort Lauderdale feed back to FEC Railway exclusively for the time being.

I have been traveling and have not checked the logs, but offhand I'd say that public safety was more popular among my massive listener base. I'll see what I can do, but for now I want to hear as much FEC as possible from work.



Bote's Mixer Board tests cops & fire

Bote's Mixer Board will be trying out public safety traffic in and around Fort Lauderdale for the next little while. The train stuff will still be available on Bote's Boca Box.


No marine channels on Boca Box for now

The Boca Box feed computer is acting flaky all of a sudden, so I have locked out the marine bank for now since I will have no access to the radio room for a couple weeks. The marine channels seem to be the most problematic, between drunken weekend warriors carrying on and on or the Coast Guard droning on with a repetitious announcement over their piss-poor sounding radio system.

I don't want the thing to go belly-up with no physical access and no remote access either and be forced to listen to the nonsense so I have made this temporary change. The rest of the public safety and railroad line-up remains unchanged.


Boca Box back up

Bote's Boca Box is back up and running.

I don't know why it was acting weird, but I didn't have time for a detailed analysis. It appeared to be running normally when I looked at the local console, but a reboot works wonders for Windows!


Boca Box up and down

I haven't figured out what is going on, but Bote's Boca Box is acting weird, so until I can get in there tomorrow to look at it the Boca feed might be up, or it might be down.