Cutover to new streaming server

For several weeks I have been testing my proposed new feed that will feed the Boca Raton area through our new Shoutcast streaming audio sever.

That server has now been cut in, so you might need to reboot your streaming machines to clear their DNS cache and force them to look up colostreaming.com with the new i.p. numeric address.

For now, the "Boca" feed is monitoring Fort Lauderdale area trunked systems, including Fort Lauderdale fire and police (good for Spring Break fun) and Broward County fire's West channel and BSO channel 6A (district 5 in the wild, wild west and district 12 Oakland Park). Deerfield Beach fire is in there as well.

I will post here when the Boca feed is actually feeding Boca Raton railroad traffic and occasional public safety stuff.