Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show

SUNDAY UPDATE: CANCELLED. It's soggy. Flood watch in effect until Monday night. My windows are thankful, since they won't be shaken apart by low flying fighter jets all day.


It's back. The Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show is a noisy spectacle of fighter jets and assault vessels and tactics and it's on through this weekend.

I have set up a scanner on Bote's Mobile Feed (because I can) focused on the Fort Lauderdale trunked system. Since Bote's Mixer Board already carries Ft. Lauderdale fire traffic I will be tweaking what fire talkgroups are carried on the Mobile Feed, so expect fire to change.

The police traffic will typically be heard on their Special Event talkgroups 4A and 4B, but since the show is held on the beach in District 1 you will hear those cops dealing with problems associated with the air show. I have locked out the wild, wild west on District 2, so you will only hear Districts 1, 3, and 4, plus whatever other special event traffic trickles through.

I will not be carrying any aircraft communications as my setup here is inadequate to that task.

Bote's Mobile Feed