SMART Ride in the Keys

This weekend, 16 and 17 November, 2012 marks the SMART bicycle ride from Miami down to Key West both of those days.

Click the link above for full details and listen to Bote's Southernmost Feed for the police details and inevitable fire-rescue responses to assist riders and so forth.

As we approach Thanksgiving it is evident that The Season is quickly arriving. Traffic is increasing on south Florida streets, along with the stupidity level of drivers. It only gets busier from here.

Come on Memorial Day!!


Super Boat Races 2012

Super Boat International brings its 2012 race schedule to Key West this week.

Last year 3 participants died in boat wrecks, so it's worth listening both to the marine channels and the fire+rescue traffic to catch all the action.

I've opened up all the marine channels on Bote's Southernmost Feed and increased the delay time to 4 seconds so that we're more likely to hear replies on the marine channels.


Dolphin Cycling Challenge This Weekend

Link to official Dolphin Cycling Challenge event web site.

This weekend, November 3 and 4, 2012, sees the Dolphin Cycling Challenge ride through Broward County. It's actually a tri-county event with rides starting in Dade County at Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Dolphin/Land Shark/Sun Life/Trainwreck Stadium and City Place in West Palm Beach. Shorter rides start in downtown Fort Lauderdale at Huizenga Park and run along I-595 or State Road 84, I can't tell which from the maps.

The largest impact will be the bicyclists along A1A through Fort Lauderdale which is still being cleaned up from the passage of Hurricane Sandy. The wind-whipped ocean washed tons of sand onto Atlantic Blvd which the city public works crews shoved into giant temporary dunes to block further intrusion. This left A1A impassable during the annual Boat Show and 1 narrow lane was opened southbound only yesterday. I assume that vehicular traffic will be totally blocked to allow the bicyclists to use the one or two available lanes that are not swamped with sand.

I will likely open up Bote's Mixer Board to the police special event talkgroups used to coordinate this bike ride so you will hear more than just the usual fire radio traffic.