Boca up, but going back down for a skosh

Not 2 days after I move my Boca Raton streaming scanner feed to Boca Raton, I get notice that the host unix system that streams these feeds needs its hard drive replaced. I guess I didn't wait long enough. It seems that every time I get my feed going the machine develops another problem. Must be the electrons in my stream.

SO! Sometime tomorrow morning after the hard drive gets replaced I expect to get a call that everything was lost and I have to completely re-install the whole damned thing from scratch--again. We ought to keep a supply of hard drives with the exact image ready to slap in there once a week as each new failure crops up.

Work is getting busier, but hopefully I will get enough time this week to move the scanner to its longer-term location hooked to a real antenna. Right now it's on a back-of-set job that picks up more computer r.f. noise than desired signal, at least on the CSX and FEC railroad channels. It picks up Delray Beach's trunked system well, and Boca Raton not too bad.

Stay tuned here for updates. Not the Yahoogroup, that is dead. This is the place now.

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