Boca Box up to full coverage

Bote's Boca Box hears better now that it has an external antenna 30 feet up in the air.

For now I have it wide open to Boca, Boynton, Delray, and Deerfield fire, marine channels, FEC & CSX railroad, and a bunch of interop channels. I'll cut this back after I get a feel for how much traffic this generates and how far it can hear on simplex.

I was even able to pull in Broward County's and Fort Lauderdale's trunked control channels, and Hollywood's was weak but probably usable.

Palm Beach County has that obnoxiously overdriven voice on their Locution dispatch computer, so I'm not inclined to subject anybody to that racket. I pity the firefighters and paramedics who are forced to listen to it as part of their jobs.


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