Broward Feed Computer Down

The little Dell shoebox computer that sends out the streams for Bote's Mixer Board with Fort Lauderdale fire and Bote's Wild Feed which carries Broward County fire and B.S.O. Oakland Park has not worked properly since the latest Windows Update.

So both Broward County feeds are down for now until I can rebuild that system.

Watch this blog for updates.


Unknown said...

Hello, I am really missing your FtL Fire feed from way up here in the Northeast. Any word or update on fix date. Thanks Chris

Bote Man said...

I'm awaiting parts for the power supply to move the whole feed to a spare laptop. It should run much better and allow me to restore channel tags to the Fort Lauderdale fire feed.

Note that Broward County is revamping their trunked system and it looks like sometime in the near-ish future Fort Lauderdale will glom on to the Broward County system along with everybody else. Then it will be closer to chaos instead of the nice quite orderly FtL feed we now have.