The Boca Chica-Key West Naval Air Station trunked system is back in the scan list of Bote's Southernmost Feed.

I don't know what programming error caused the scanner to stop tracking it and I haven't figured out what change caused it to work again, but I'm not arguing with success at this point. It works.

If it breaks again, I'll figure it out then.

As before, it normally will scan the NQX fire talkgroups and a few unknown ones that I am trying to identify. If there is a military exercise I might open it up in an attempt to identify mystery talkgroups. Since the air base is 10 miles out of Key West while Truman Annex and b.o.q. facilities are in town, it is good to monitor since sometimes Key West fire and rescue run onto their property. I have seen Navy fire apparatus screaming through Old Town running from one facility to another across the island, which is what prompted me to add this system to the feed in the first place.


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