Mixer Board vigilance

While I am out of town I would appreciate notice if the Mixer Board feed goes down. I can not promise rapid response, but I'll do my best to get things back online as soon as I know it has crapped out again.

I have been procrastinating at regenerating the original machine that hosted that feed. Since the temporary machine hosts both the Mixer Board and the Wild Feed, something does not agree with SimpleCast which encodes the Mixer Board feed so it craps out every few days. I have covered this up by rebooting the machine when I feel that it needs it, but while I'm away it will likely fail when I have no Internet access. Murphy's Law and so forth.

Sorry about this, but you know how hobbies are. Of course, if somebody wants to donate a million bucks to the cause...

Look on the bright side, you can always listen to Key West action on the Southernmost Feed. WOO HOO!

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