Auto Train Tracker map

Below was a map that showed my location on the Auto Train, but has been removed due to it being outdated.

I am streaming scanner audio live, but there are frequent dropouts even though we are sitting dead still in Sanford terminal. If you get the music for too long, just disconnect your player and reconnect. If the stream is back you should start hearing it immediately; if not, you will hear more lovely Syncopated Clock by Larry Anderson to while away the time.

Auto Train Log

15:46 Pull north, 38 cars, 247 passengers, 113 vehicles of all types

15:50 P052-13 on the main at Sanford

17:20 Clear signal, West Tocoi, FL

17:37 Clear signal, Solite, FL

17:58 approach medium, McDuff Street, Jax, FL

18:03 medium clear, Duke's Crossing, Jax, FL

18:47 clear signal, downtown Folkston, GA

20:29 defect detector, mp A501.8, Savannah, GA (back in air card range!)

22:11 clear signal, North Charleston, SC

23:25 meet P053-13 at Coward, SC

23:50 crew change, Florence, SC

00:12 depart Florence, SC on a clear signal, Bakery

01:45 Fayetteville, NC

02:34 clear signal, North Smithfield, NC

05:15 clear signal, Walthall, Chester, VA

05:26 clear signal, Broad Rock Rd, Richmond, VA

05:48 clear signal, Elmont

06:42 approach limited, FB, Fredricksburg, VA

07:15 arrive Lorton Auto Train facility, awaiting ground crew to arrive

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