Acoustic Research IR200 Feed Radio

My new Acoustic Research Infinite Radio 200 works well on my feeds. It's not perfect, but I can let it stream my scanner audio while I use my laptop or desktop for real computing without the two purposes clashing with each other.


  • Stand-alone, no computer needed to listen to streams
  • Saves 6 preset stations in buttons across the top
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Wired or WiFi connections
  • Versatile: receives live streams, audio files stored on mp3tunes or USB thumb drives, music from Slacker, AM and FM radio


  • Displays channel tags as soon as the scanner sends them, but the audio is still delayed by about 2 minutes, so the tags make no sense
  • Even the latest firmware is a little clunky
  • Some menus are not as helpful as they might be

RCA/Acoustic Research/Audiovox seem to be working on improving the operation of this tabletop Internet radio so I am confident that these and other complaints will be addressed.

So if you want a neat way to listen to my feeds and the thousands of other Internet radio stations, this is a pretty cool way to listen to them.

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