Dallas Shoutcast server going buh-bye

Now I have been informed that the Shoutcast server that you hit to listen to the various streams will be moving out of the Dallas co-location facility by the end of January. No home for it has been located yet.

This also means that there is no point in me going to great lengths to get the McLean Relay Station back online only to have everything go away a couple weeks later. This is a hobby, after all.

I have an idea and my buddy Lu has an idea, so if he ever gets back from traveling he can try out his idea. In the meantime, I need to investigate my idea to see how it goes.

If Lu's idea works, then your bookmarks should stay the same. Any other way will require a change to the address for the streams.

So when the colostreaming.com does not respond on any known port, you will know that dark day has come. I will update here as we make progress.

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