Boca Box back up

Bote's Boca Box is back up and running.

I don't know why it was acting weird, but I didn't have time for a detailed analysis. It appeared to be running normally when I looked at the local console, but a reboot works wonders for Windows!


Unknown said...

Are you at Host.net (BroadbandONE)? I am wondering because I host three systems there and there was a serious problem last night that lasted a little over an hour that appeared to be sort of like a DNS blackhole. The problem appeared out of no where and when I showed-up at the facility the problem vanished just as quick. Very strange.

Bote Rail said...

Nope, I'm on BellSouth.net DSL. It might have been DNS poisoning if your box was reachable by i.p. number but not by domain name.

A good friend has a linux box at a colocation facility in Dallas that runs my DNAS server and bears the load of the tremendous bandwidth of my 1 or 2 listeners. The co-lo seems to get hit by denial-of-service attacks more frequently than I would like, but that's life with a-holes on the Internet.

My DSL goes down whenever there is a lightning storm within 1000 miles of Broward County, so it has been bouncing a lot lately.