FEC and Wild Feed Up

I have restored the Florida East Coast Railway and Wild Feeds for now.

The F.E.C. feed is the same as it ever was, still a rinky dink magnetic mount antenna sitting on the roof, doesn't hear all that well.

Bote's Wild Feed monitors Broward fire Dispatch 1, the tac channels, and some of the beach patrol channels until they become unbearable. This feed could change at a moment's notice. It is a wild feed after all.


Irma Killed Key West Feed

Hurricane Irma knocked out power or Comcast Internet (or both) Saturday night to Bote's Southernmost Feed so that's all she wrote until things return to normal down there. No ETR. I expect power to be out for an extended period of time.


F.E.C. Ry Fort Lauderdale feed testing

I am testing a feed of Florida East Coast Railway radio communications around Fort Lauderdale. The current range is limited by a poor antenna system, but the coverage will improve. For now there is a good amount of activity locally from the construction foremen overseeing the upgrades for All Aboard Florida / Brightline passenger service.

Since F.E.C. Railway does not call signals you will only hear traffic when the dispatcher calls a train or a train asks for permission through a particular work authority. A.A.F. work authorities are fairly busy during the morning and early afternoon hours while the regular freight traffic generally is more active in the evening and especially the earlier mornings when 3 southbounds cruise through Lauderdale while the Boca local and Port Everglades switcher try to get their work done in the mix.

Feed details are found on Bote's Streaming Audio page.


Key West Feed Restored For Now

The Key West feed had a UPS problem so everything shut down. Everything is back online now.


ColoStreaming Changes

My streaming host, colostreaming.com, is undergoing some changes. There WILL be an interruption of service of the Key West feed which is the only one that is currently operating. When it returns there WILL be some bumps and outages.

PLEASE do not pepper me or the support e-mail address with questions that nobody can answer. When it comes back I will announce it here. If it's not back, that means we are still working on it and don't know when it will be back.

This is a hobby, not a job. I put up these feeds for my own use and share them with the world because I'm just a nice guy. If you paid for an app to listen to my streams then you got duped. I don't know what to tell you. There's a big beautiful world out there, it's Spring time in the northern hemisphere; turn off your computer or your ever-present "mobile device", go out and enjoy the real world for a bit.


Key West scanner off

Some non-technical idiot was asked to poke around the closet where the Key West scanner sits and must have disconnected it or turned it off.

Now, good luck to us to get him to restore it to service. I don't object to a little jaunt down there if there's more than one thing to do, but I really can't afford the time right about now. Priorities!

Maybe a hermetically sealed cabinet is in order?

UPDATE: The scanner was turned off. It has been turned back on. ARRRGHH!!


Monroe County P25 Reprogramming

Monroe County, Florida has cut over to their new Project 25 trunked system. As a result, I had to reprogram my scanner on the Key West feed which explains the recent loss of public safety traffic.

Because all the talkgroup numbers changed we (I) must once again listen and associate which talkgroups are used for what purpose. If you are listening and write down the talkgroup number on your WinAmp display and what agency is using that, I would appreciate it.

You can track the talkgroups and their uses that I have discovered on this online Google spreadsheet.



Broward Feed Computer Down

The little Dell shoebox computer that sends out the streams for Bote's Mixer Board with Fort Lauderdale fire and Bote's Wild Feed which carries Broward County fire and B.S.O. Oakland Park has not worked properly since the latest Windows Update.

So both Broward County feeds are down for now until I can rebuild that system.

Watch this blog for updates.


Key West Naval exercise

Boca Chica Naval Air Station in the Florida Keys is conducting an exercise today and/or this evening. So the Key West feed has additional talkgroups on the Boca Chica NAS system opened up in case there's some interesting traffic to be heard.

It will be back to normal after the shouting is over.


Key West DSL in trouble

UPDATE: 17:32 - That was quick! The telephone man got the line rearranged so things are back up and running. I hope it stays up for a good long time now.


The Key West feed is down. Its DSL pair must have gotten a surfeit of H2O yesterday with the rain storms training over Key West. I hope to get it repaired by the end of the weekend.

If Sol comes out and dries it out before then it might come back on its own, who knows?